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Our diesel concrete mixer includes JZD 350 series and JZD 350T lifting concrete mixer. Both are the best prefer for the place lacking of electricity, and mostly used in the construction of roads,bridges, and other industrial or civil projects.

JZD350 series concrete mixer
JZD350 series automatic promotion concrete mixer can promote automatically but varies for the type of engine. There are two types of engine: hydraulic engine and chain gearing It adds a water pump for water circulation between water tank and water radiator ensuring the water temperature stable. In order to achieve a good effect for discharging and mixing, its blades are designed into spiral form. Thanks to removing the air sucking point from the back to the front, it reduces dust. Such design not only benefits you, but is friendly to the environment and prolong the service life of the engine.

How to correctly use diesel concrete mixer?

Diesel concrete mixer normally uses diesel to work. So, before working, concrete mixer users must insist on inspecting whether there is enough diesel oil in diesel oil tank. Lifting concrete mixer users must make sure there is enough oil when use the diesel concrete mixer each time.

In the use process, if users find there is not enough, they should timely add oil into the oil tank. It is not necessary to stop the diesel concrete mixer when adding oil , but users must take care of safety.
Automatic promotion concrete mixer users should always check whether bolts and nuts on the oil tank become flexible or not. If bolts and nuts are loose, users need timely repair.

At the same time, lifting concrete mixer users should also check whether the welding of diesel oil tank is secure or not.

Technical parameter of Lifting Concrete Mixer

JZD350 Diesel Concrete Mixer ( Hydraulic )

Discharging Capacity 300L 350L 500L
Charging Capacity 510L 560L 750L
Productivity 8-12m3/h
18-22m3 /h
Water Supply Tolerance 2% 2% 2%
Rotating Speed 14RPM 14RPM 14rpm
Max. Aggregate Size 60 MM 60MM 60MM
Power  Diesel Engine Diesel Engine Diesel Engine
Engine Power 12HP 15HP 18HP
Overall Dimension  2766*2140*3170mm 2,766 X 2,140 X 3,170MM 4500*2220*3300
Operation Weight 2100KG 2400KG 3600KG
Conveyance Qty/40' FCL: 4 Units Qty/40' FCL: 4 Units Qty/40' FCL: 4 Units

JZD-300T/350T concrete mixer is characterized by a automatic lifting ladder of 18 meters, so the concrete can be lifted to the place automatically and the height shall be set as you need. 18 meters within 7 seconds. And there is a water pump, it can avoid adding water artificially. It not only benefits labors but also improved efficiency and saved time. Moreover, It can be used in the place without electricity, for it consumes diesel. Additionally,it is durable for the thickness of drum is 6-8mm and the productivity is 20 to 30 m3 per hour, which can well meet the needs of house building or villa construction.

Technical parameter of Lifting Concrete Mixer

JZD350 T Diesel Concrete Mixer ( Hydraulic )

Our products have exported to various countries, please refer to specific case   JZD-300T concrete mixer exported to Armenia.

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