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Electric Small Concrete Mixer

CM-2A 260-400L electric concrete mixer is powered by electric motor. CM-2A 260-400L electric concrete mixer belongs to small planetary concrete mixer and has self-falling mixing model.

Electric small concrete mixer can be controlled by computer or be operated by hand.

CM-2A 260-400L electric concrete mixer is characterized by:
Compact structure design.
High mixing speed and tapered roller.
Handwheel discharge.
Double durable steel spiral blades and long service life.
Easy movement and small volume.

The mixing system maintenance of electric small concrete mixer is as followings:
Before using electric small concrete mixer, users need check whether there is enough lubricating oil at each lubricating point and in the reduction gear box.
After working, users need carry out a thorough clean the inside and  outside of the drum of the manual concrete mixer.
Users must adjust and fasten the mixing blades once a week.

CM-2A 260-400L electric concrete mixer can homogeneously combines cement, aggregate such as sand, gravel to make concrete. This manual concrete mixer can be used on small-sized construction sites which needs small amount of concrete. CM-2A 260-400L electric concrete mixer is also suitable for DIY using.

The followings are parameters of CM-2A 260-400L electric concrete mixer:
Model Number CM-2A 260 CM-2A 300 CM-2A 350 CM-2A 400
Charging Capacity 260L 300L 350L 400L
Reclaiming Capacity 230L 270L 320L 370L
Productivity 6-10 m³/h 8-12 m³/h 10-14 m³/h 12-16 m³/h
Motor Power 3kw,380v,50Hz
Speed of Mixing Drum 30r/min
Thickness of Drum 2.75-3.75mm
Water Supply Mode Hand control
Working Cycle Period 1min
Maximum aggregate sizes 60mm
Discharging Way Hand Control
Transmission Way Gear Wheel
Outline Dimension 2.2CBM
Overall Dimensions(l*w*h) 1900x900x1100mm 1960x940x1100mm 1960x940x1100mm 1960x1100x1200mm
Weight 333kg 353kg 379kg 389kg
Color Yellow (or as your wish)
Packing detail Iron frame 12 sets/20’container 26 sets/40’ container
Guarantee Half of year
Supply ability 100 sets per month
Type of the tires 4.00-12(Pneumatic wheels diameter 550x150mm)

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