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JZM  concrete mixer,Small Concrete Mixer
,Friction Concrete Mixer  is designed in according with the demand for concrete of low consumption in applications. It is characterized by biconical mixing drum, positive turn for mixing and reverse turn for discharging automatically and can mix plasticity and fluidity. The drum opening is wide enough to add material easily. This a typical friction type concrete mixer which drives by the friction of rubber roller. For simple construction, especially house building, JZM concrete mixer is the best prefer.

Friction concrete mixer is commonly mentioned by us: JZM concrete mixer. Friction concrete mixer also belongs to the civil type concrete mixer.
Here are some matters needing attention to the hopper fault of friction drum concrete mixer:

The feeding hopper of friction concrete mixer will often happen faults during the operation of JZM small concrete mixer: feeding hopper of friction concrete mixer would become flexible. The reasons are: screws and bead flange loosen. Solutions to solve this problem: tighten screws and bead flange of friction concrete mixer. Sometimes, the feeding hopper of JZM concrete mixer would trundle wheel and pulley would not  rotate. The reasons are: the bearing has been damaged. Solution to deal with this problem: replace the bearing. The hopper gate of friction concrete mixer can not return to the normal position. The reasons are: deformation of hopper gate or the blockage of materials. How to solve this fault: get rid of the plugging material and recover the normal shape  of hopper gate. The flow of material is not smooth. The reason is: accumulated sticky material. Friction concrete mixer users can remove these accumulated sticky materials to deal with the problem.

Applications of Friction Concrete Mixer,Mobile Concrete Mixer
Small construction site
House building
Road and bridge constructions
Water and power stations

Advantages of Friction Concrete Mixer,Self loading Concrete Mixer
Low noise
Sturdy running
Easy to operate and move
Good mixing quality

Technical Parameters of Friction Concrete Mixer, Reversal Concrete Mixer
Mixer size JZM500  JZM750
Discharge volume (L) 500 750
Charging volume (L) 800 1200
Output per hour (m3/h) 25~30  30~35
Max. Aggregate sizes (mm) 70 80
Drum rotating speed(r/min) 13 12.26
Mixing motor power(kw) 7.5 11
Lifting motor power(kw) 5.5 7.5
Pump motor power (kw) 0.75 0.75
Weight (kg) 3000 4000
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 5200x2065x3200 5650x2065x3535

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