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Concrete mixer can be divided into portable concrete mixer and fixed concrete mixer. Pioneer JZC concrete mixer belongs to portable concrete mixer.

JZC concrete mixer can also be called gear type concrete mixer. Portale concrete mixer is eqipped with wheels, which makes JZC concrete mixer movement easy and convenient. Portable concrete mixer mainly bring convenience to short distance movement. Users are able to directly push JZC concrete mixer forward for short distance movement.

Here are some matters needing attention for the portable concrete mixer application:

Users need take care the laying place of portable concrete mixer. JZC concrete mixer has wheels, therefore the movement of JZC concrete mixer is relatively flexible. Portable concrete mixer should be placed on  flat ground to ensure the stability of JZC concrete mixers.

Matters needing attention of gear type concrete mixer are similar with those of other concrete mixers. Users just need correctly operate and properly maintain portable concrete mixer. In addition, users also need pay attention to moving JZC concrete mixer. For long distance of JZC concrete mixer movement, users need rely on car to transport concrete mixer. Users need pay attention to fixing JZC concrete mixer and avoid JZC concrete mixer being collided.

JZC series mainly include JZC 250, JZC350,JZC500 and JZC-300T/350Tportable concrete mixer. In order to reduce the labor intensity, this type of mixer is light weight and has two wheels below which make for moving conveniently. From the perspective of size, this type of mini concrete mixer is ideal for small to medium projects. For being equipped with double- conic reversing drum transited by gear rim, JZC concrete mixer is also known as gear type concrete mixer,Small Concrete Mixer. The paint cover protects the machine from splashing wet and getting rusty.

Applications of Portable Concrete Mixer
For small to medium building projects or homeowners
Concrete road constructions
Bridge, factory projects

Advantages of Portable Concrete Mixer
Easy maneuverability
Good mixing quality
Outstanding structure
Wheel style for easily moving
Different sizes to meet your production needs

Technical Parameters of Portable Concrete Mixer
Mixer size JZC250 JZC350  JZC500
Discharge volume (L) 250 350 500
Charging volume (L) 320 560 800
Output per hour (m3/h) 6~8 10~14 18~20
Max. Aggregate sizes (mm) 60 60 60
Drum rotating speed(r/min) 17 14 13
Mixing motor power(kw)  4.5 5.5 7.5
Lifting motor power(kw) 4 4.5 5.5
Pump motor power (kw) 0.55 0.55 0.55
Weight (kg) 1500 1950 2400
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 2260x1900x2750 2766x2140x3000 3500x2200x3200

JZC-300T/350T concrete mixer is similar to JZD-300T/350T both in appearance and function.There difference is that JZC-300T/350T is electric concrete mixer, whereas the JZD 300T/350T consumes diesel. JZC-300T/350T concrete mixer is also equiped with a automatic lifting ladder of 18 meters, and the concrete can be lifted to the place automatically and the height shall be set as you need. 18 meters within 7 seconds. And there is a water pump, it can avoid adding water artificially.

Technical parameter of Lifting Concrete Mixer
Discharging Capacity 350L
Charging Capacity 560L
Output rate 20-30CBM/H
Height of lift 18 M
Drum rotating speed 14RPM
Weight 2400 KG
Thickness of drum 6-8 MM

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