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JS II concrete mixer
,Twin shaft Concrete Mixer is the second generation of the compulsory horizontal type concrete mixer. It is excellent in energy efficiency and time saving. The technology of separating the shaft bearings from the shaft sealing makes the sealing is easily accessible for maintenance. We offer wear-resistant materials from the shell to liners improving the life of the products dramatically. The mixer (JS II) employs advanced technology in driving introduced from Italy. Moreover, except for hydraulic control system for discharge electrically or manually, it adds pneumatic device. The machine is a classic twin shaft concrete mixer meeting the requirements of medium to high concrete output. Thanks to its design, JS II concrete mixer is extremely reliable and reflects the state of the art. What`s more, it is high quality with competitive price.

Applications of Twin shaft Concrete Mixer ,electric concrete mixer
Large, medium precast concrete plant
Water and power station
landfill building materials
Hydra dam construction
Further applications

 Advantages of Twin shaft Concrete Mixer,Forced Concrete Mixer
Outstanding mixing in a short time
Intense motion
Resistance to wear
Optimal energy saving and environment friendly
Muti- controls in discharging
High performance
Different sizes and versions

Twin shaft concrete mixer is mainly composed of main case, spiral shaft assembly, driving unit, tubing, detent plate cover, cover chain and other components. Specific structural properties of horizontal type concrete mixer are as followings:

The case of twin shaft concrete mixer is mainly made of plates and profile steel. The case is welded in concrete mixer factory and is   assembled with other parts of JS II concrete mixer. The case is the brace of twin shaft concrete mixer. The case is tightly sealed, so there is no fly ash and leakage phenomenon.

The spiral shaft assembly is the main component of twin shaft concrete mixer. The spiral shaft assembly is mainly composed of left and right rotation screw shafts, bearing seat, bearing holder, bearing cover, gear, sprocket wheel, oil cup, blades and other components and parts.

Left and right rotation screw shafts has high manufacturing accuracy, good processing property. There are strict coordinating requirements for left and right rotation screw shafts with bearing seat, bearing holder and bearing cover. Gear and sprocket wheel all have protective cover to protect them and they can be safely and effectively operated. Oil cup is pressure injection oil cup, so it is convenient and effective to add lubricating oil. The blades are made of wear-resistant materials.The blade structure is reasonably and simply designed. So it is easy to replace blades after wearing. At the same time, the blades have long service life.

Tubing mainly consists of connecting pipe, joints and nozzle.

Detent plate cover is mainly composed of left detent plate cover, middle cover, right detent plate cover, opercle and maintenance opercle.

Technical Parameters of Twin shaft Concrete Mixer

Model Nominal capacity(L) Dry filling capacity(L) Max. Aggregate size(mm) Working period(s) Output per our(m3/h) Driving power(kw)
JS3000II 3000  4500 ≤80 52 >180  2x55
JS2000II 2000 3200 ≤80 52 >120  2x37
JS1500II 1500 2400 ≤80 52 >90 2x30
JS1000II 1000 1600 ≤80 52 >60 2x18.5
JS750II 750 1200 ≤80 52 >45 1x30
JS500II   500 800 ≤80 52 >25 1x18.5

Driving voltage/frequency Voltage of electromagnetic valve Rotary number of motor(r/min) Rotary number of main axle(rpm)  Number of vanes Overall dimension(LxWxH)
AC380V/50HZ AC220V/DC24V  1450 26.85 48 4150X2480X2150
AC380V/50HZ AC220V/DC24V 1450 26.85 18 3165X2310X2100
AC380V/50HZ AC220V/DC24V 1450 22 20 2870X2310X1880
AC380V/50HZ AC220V/DC24V 1450 26.85 18 2760X1950X1530
AC380V/50HZ AC220V/DC24V 1450 28 18 2640X1880X1400
AC380V/50HZ AC220V/DC24V 1450 35.26 18 2160X1790X1160

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