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An analysis of concrete mixer types

Submitted by Anne,11/07/2014
Building engineering construction needs lots of concrete, if we let labor to mix, this not only wastes labors and, the productivity is low, but also wastes cement. What's more, it is difficult to guarantee the quality. Therefore, concrete mixer is widely used in the construction at present. Using concrete mixer for preparing concrete must be based on the concrete engineering, the reasonable choice and the correct use of blenders. In this case, we can effectively reduce the construction cost, and ensure the construction quality. Today Pioneer Machinery will analyze the concrete mixer types for your reference.
According to practices:
Feeding, mixing, discharging of the circulating operation type mixer is carried out according to a certain time interval circle. Because all kinds of materials must pass through the accurate weighing, the mixing quality is good. At present, most of users use this type of operation mode.
The above three processes of continuous operation type mixer are carried out continuously in a longer cylinder. Although the productivity is higher than the cycle operation type, because the coordination ratio and stirring time of all materials is difficult to control, the mixing quality is poor . At present, only some users use it.
According to the stirring methods:
The self loading mixer is putting the mixture in a rotating stirring drum, with the mixing drum rotation, blades in the drum lifted the mixture to a certain height, and then free fall by self weight. To mix all the time until the concrete is mixed very well. This kind of mixer is often used to mix the plastic and semi plastic concrete. The forced mixer is that the mixing drum does not move, and the blades on the drum rotating shafts are arranged forced to mix. The mixing quality of this mixer is good, and the production efficiency is high, but the power consumption is large, and the wear of blades is faster. Generally it is applicable to mix the dry concrete.
According to the device mode:
The installation of fixed type mixer is based on pre prepared, the whole machine can't be moved. It has a large volume and high production efficiency.  Most of them are used for mixing building or mixing plant.
Mobile mixer itself has a driving wheel, and it has the advantages of small size and light weight, so the maneuvering performance is good. It is used in small and medium-sized temporary project.
According to the mixing drum shape:
There are five types which are pear type, drum type, double cone disc, vertical shaft and a circular groove horizontal shaft type. The former three kinds is self loading type stirring, and the latter two kinds are forced stirring, they are seldom used in china.
According to the stirring capacity:
There are three types which are large (the discharge capacity of 1000~3000L), medium (discharge capacity (300~500L) and small discharge capacity of 50~250L).

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