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Application of Drum Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,02/07/2013
An engineer of Pioneer Machinery Company pointed out that on small civilian construction sites, people generally use drum concrete mixer. How is the application of drum concrete mixer?

Before mixing, users determinate the water content of sand, gravel, and adjust the construction mixture ratio according to the weather changes. The amount of materials is strictly controlled in accordance with the approval of the supervising engineer. The material is weighed by platform balance, which ensures accurate dosage. The error is strictly controlled in the standard range in accordance with the quality plan: cement ± 1%, ± 3% gravel, sand ± 3%, ± 1% water. Before formal mixing, firstly use the right amount of mortar to mix and then mix in accordance with the provisions of the mixture ratio.

The charging order of drum concrete mixer is: sand, cement, gravel, and after feeding, users should mix while adding water.

Strictly control of each disk concrete mixing time, and the short mixing time (continuously stirring time: since all materials into the mixing drum to discharging) conforms to the standard requirement, and the longest mixing time is no more than three times of the shortest time.

In the process of mixing, arrange laboratory technician to be responsible for supervision of cement concrete mixing to ensure the quality. Laboratory samples to prepare specimen and carry the compressive strength test.

Finally, Pioneer Machinery manufacturers reminds the majority of users that every day after working, users should clean the mixture within the concrete mixer drum and shall not leave residue.

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