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Cleaning matters of concrete mixer

Submitted by Anne,01/07/2015
Concrete mixer is the heart of the commercial concrete mixing plant, along with the development in recent years, the development of new rural construction, the transformation of the old city and other aspects, the construction of roads, bridges, houses is booming, and concrete is the most important material in engineering construction, so concrete mixer is an ideal mixing equipment in various construction sites.
Compared with the bridge erecting machine, crane, the repair and maintenance of concrete mixer is relatively easy, but also we can not be ignored, perhaps a small detail will directly affect the use of concrete mixer, such as: cleaning of concrete mixer. Today, pioneer machinery will tell you the cleaning matters of the concrete mixer.
1.Having a regular maintenance of project, such as cleaning, lubrication, refueling and so on;
2.Check whether  the controller is good  before the starting of concrete mixer,   put the water and gravel into the stirring barrel 10~15 minutes to wash, and then clean up the water and gravel. If the operator needs to enter the stirring barrel to clean, the power supply should be cut off and remove the fuse, and the switch box must be locked very well.
3.Forbid removing the accumulated concrete in the cylinder of concrete mixer with sledge, we can only use the chisel to clean up.
4.In the cold season, you should clean the mixer drum with water and release the water in pump, water tank, water pipe, and avoid the water freezing in pump, water tank, water pipe etc.
The experts of concrete mixing plant pointed out: the use of concrete mixer directly affects the concrete quality. So the daily work of mixing plant is very important, the concrete mixer is necessary!  And the cleaning of concrete mixer is more necessary.

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