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Differences between hydraulic lifting mixer and common mixer

Submitted by Anne,10/24/2014
After the slurry was mixed by the mixing drum of the common mixer, the slurry will be transported to the specified position with artificial. However, the advantage of hydraulic lifting mixer is that the slurry mixed was lifted to the specified building height by the hydraulic lifting frame, generally, it can be used in about five layers of buildings, so it will reduce amount of labors, which brings great convenience to the user. Many users may ask how the hydraulic lifting mixer and whether it is safe. To solve this problem, the professional technician of Pioneer machinery hydraulic lifting mixer will analyze for you.
1. After the lifting ladder frame of hydraulic mixer through the professional technical test r, the safety coefficient reaches the national standards. Main beam of lifting frame is made of 5mm thick compressed groove steel, and the beam portion are connected by channel steel and steel plate, and the safety and reliability are guaranteed.
2. The workload of the pulley is very big. The pulley of Pioneer hydraulic lifting mixer adopts high chromium alloy casting, it processed by the lathe, so it has a very good wear resistance. The internal bearing ensures the good flexible performance.
3. The steel wire rope can lift 5 tons of cargo, and it has stable operation, high strength, light weight, not easy to be broken and other advantages.
4. The four support angles of the hydraulic lifting mixer adopt the hydraulic system, this make the operation more convenient and flexible.
Through understanding, we have a certain understanding to the hydraulic lifting mixer. The safety factor can be assured. A lot of users who used this equipment are applauded again and again.

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