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Four points about buying concrete mixer

Submitted by Anne,05/14/2015
Concrete mixer is a machine which can mix the cement, aggregate and water into concrete mixture. It is mainly composed of mixing cylinder, feeding and discharging mechanism, water supply system, motor, transmission mechanism, frame and supporting device etc. How to choose concrete mixer, and how to investigate? Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery will share four points about buying concrete mixer.
1.To choose one set of concrete mixer which is suitable for their own construction requirements, the premise is to know that their demand of concrete in one hour under their site in normal circumstances, in this case, you not only can choose the suitable type of mixer, but also can complete the production and construction with high quality and quantity.
2.If you want to do commercial concrete mixing plant, you should determine the specific types of mixer models according to the annual output. You should invest rightly without wasting money.
3.Try to choose the twin shaft compulsory mixer, avoid selecting the drum mixer and single horizontal shaft mixer.
4.The types of concrete mixer equipment is more and more in the market, meanwhile there are also many irregular small manufacturers, especially  many dealers also take part in the ranks of advertising in many places. The price level is different, Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery suggests each customer should have a field trip to manufacturers, and their choice should be taken according to the scale and strength of manufacturers.
The above is the simple introduction to four points about buying concrete mixer by Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery, and I hope it can have some help when you buy concrete mixer. Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery is a well-known concrete mixer manufacture in Zhengzhou, which professionally produce concrete mixer with high quality.

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