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How to choose concrete mixer of concrete mixing plant users

Submitted by Eliza,04/28/2016
With the rapid development of our country, people have higher and higher demand on the efficiency. High efficiency, high productivity, and high quality are customer’s requirements of every concrete mixing plant, of course, the requirements for concrete mixer is also getting higher and higher.

How to choose the concrete mixer of concrete mixing plant users to achieve the production efficiency that they want? For the concrete mixing plant with large mixing capacity concrete mixer, it should be considered that the influence on the customers when the concrete mixer is discharging. The greater the capacity of the concrete mixing machine is, the faster the discharging speed is, but the feeding speed of the mixer is slower, which will cause the concrete to spill over. So when the users choose the concrete mixer, they should choose the mixing machine with concrete storage hopper below the mixer, which not only can solve the phenomenon of concrete overflowing, but also it can save the waiting time of transport vehicles.

For the water conservancy project users, they generally choose the self - drop type concrete mixer, the size of this concrete mixer is big and the feeding inlet is small. The concrete mixer in the commercial concrete mixing plant generally adopts forced mixer, in the choice of the host, first we should consider aggregate size, wearing parts life, maintenance and power supply conditions.

Different concrete mixing plants have different requirements to the concrete mixer, the users should choose the appropriate mixing machine according to their own actual situation. 

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