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How to extend the service time of the concrete mixer

Submitted by Anne,09/23/2014
Some users will see some staffs of operating the concrete mixer smear some butter in front of the driving gear of the concrete mixer begins to work every day. And painted in the chain plus a small amount of grease, cleaning the chain every 300 hours of working time per week. In addition, you should also open the transmission chain cover once a week. After the concrete mixer to stop working, the materials in the mixture storage silo should be cleaned. And then cut off the general supply; check the tightening situation of the stirring arm and blade. If found the nut loose, operators should tightened it immediately. These are the daily needs attention. There is a big connection between the service life of concrete mixer and the daily maintenance. So the repair and maintenance of concrete mixer should pay attention to the following points:
(1)Each part of the fastening bolts should always be checked, especially the blender base, motor housing, blade and the liner to prevent loosening.
(2) Replace the concrete mixer blade applications standard torque wrench when tightening torque should reach 200-220N. M.
(3) When the wear gap between the concrete mixer stir and the lining board is too large, the two level sides of the cylinder body should be adjusted less than or equal to 5mm.
 (4) The gear lubricants should be replaced regularly according to the standard.
(5) Check whether the lubrication pump of the concrete mixer works properly according to the settings.
(6) To clean the mixing bucket, shafts and blades before or downtime per shift.
(7)Synchronized gears and the driving chain must be cleaned regularly and added the grease.
(8) Frozen season, the water in the sprinkler system should be released clean.

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