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How to improve the use efficiency of concrete mixer

Submitted by Eliza,11/06/2015
The use of concrete mixer is to stir the good quality concrete, regardless of which type of concrete mixer, the purpose is same, so how to improve the efficiency of concrete mixer?
First of all, we will introduce the concrete mixer model, civil type concrete mixer: JZM series friction roller type concrete mixer, JZC series bucket roller type concrete mixer(JZC concrete mixer), engineering use concrete mixer: JDC series of lifting forced type concrete mixer, JS series double axle forced type concrete mixer. Firstly, improving the use efficiency of concrete mixer is to improve its production efficiency, which is generally for engineering concrete mixer, it need to improve the production efficiency and the quality of concrete mixer by collocating with concrete batching machine. The second is to improve the service life of concrete mixer, that is, to keep the daily maintenance of concrete mixer. In the process of using, the users must do a good job for this point, in particular, they need to pay more attention to the connection problems.

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