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How to protect the diesel concrete mixer

Submitted by Eliza,11/13/2015
The diesel concrete mixer is the JZC350 diesel engine cylinder type concrete mixer which we often use. This kind of concrete mixer is a little bit different from the general drum concrete mixer, so the protection method has its special place. Next, I will briefly introduce its difference in the following.
1. The diesel engine of diesel type concrete mixer is very important, because we use the diesel engine to work in the case of inconvenient using electricity, so we should always check the diesel tank, clean the diesel tank and replace the new diesel.
2. We have to check the connection part of the diesel engine.
3. Cleaning the residual material in the mixing drum after working.
4. Checking the mixing blades to see whether there is damage.
5. When use the concrete mixer, the diesel engine will be hot, so it is better to put it in the place of ventilation. When the concrete mixer is working, please not touch the diesel engine.
6. To avoid colliding the concrete mixer.
7. There is a belt on the diesel concrete mixer. We need to often check the belt to see whether it has any damage and the tightness is in line with the requirements.
The above is the method that we introduced to protect the diesel concrete mixer, we hope it can help you!

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