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How to refitting the concrete mixer truck

Submitted by 赵冬冬,08/28/2014

Concrete mixer truck is a special purpose vehicle whose self rotation mixing drum is installed on the automobile chassis, in the process of running, the concrete can be mixed in the mixing  rum, so it has the double functions of transport and mixing. In order to complete the function and action,design modification should pay attention to the following matters:
Ⅰ, The basic principles of modification
1, The functional structure installation to the chassis does not involve any assembly  replacement 
of the chassis.
2, The structure of modification part and the rationality between the refitting part and the frame connection.
3, The quality distribution rationality of the axle load after modification.
4, The processing rationality on the original chassis because of the refit need.
5, The items of safety and laws and regulations restrictions.
6, After modification, the total mass of a full vehicle can't exceed the permitted maximum gross mass, the axle load mass of every axle can't exceed the permitted maximum axle load mass.
7, The left and right sides of the load distribution should be basic uniform, the maximum deviation shall not exceed 30%.
8, The position of the center of gravity should be as low as possible, but there must be the space required of the wheel bounce height.
9, After refitting, the vehicle outline dimension shall not exceed the limit value, the vehicle rear suspension shall not exceed the standard limits.
Ⅱ, The basic program and notes of modification.
1,The determination of the mixing capacity.
The loading capacity is the main performance parameters of mixer truck, and it is the geometrical size to control the mixing drum, selection of carrier chassis form and tonnage is the key data of confirming the mixing drum driven dynamic parameters and power equipment.
2,The selection of the chassis and the checking of the chassis' bearing quality.
(1) According to the mixing volume to determine the geometrical volume and shape of the mixing drum.
(2) Making the overall layout of the stirring device according to the chassis parameters.
3, Check the engine power.
(1) A special engine configuration should consider the matching of the engine power and the engine layout.
(2) Common engine configuration: the engine should have sufficient power to be borrowed, to check its compliance according to the above experience and provide the relative position and the mouthpiece size of the force taking device.
4, The consideration of the service life.
It's should be consistent between the mixing plant and the carrying chassis of the mixer truck, not only with the overhaul period normal to adapt, especially for easy to wear stirring simplified and blade shall be prescribed and replacement period of life, the structure design and material selection must be guaranteed .
5, The design of the water supply system.
If the water supply system adopts pneumatic mode, gas from the cylinder of the chassis, the gas supply of the mixer truck is usually used when the car isn't driving, and it will not have impact on the car driving.
6, The painting design Design of vehicle coating scheme according to the paint color of the chassis.
7, The product label.
The product label should be fixed in the obvious position, and the content of the requirements must be complete. Such as: product name, type the maximum size; shape; the main performance parameters of the vehicle; the manufacturer name, product identification number, number and date of production and so on. 
In a word, the modification of the concrete mixer truck must based on these basic principles of modification and pay more attention to these basic programs and notes of modification. Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd is one professional concrete machinery manufacturer with 25-year producing experience and more than 20-year exporting experience. We provide varied concrete mixers, like diesel concrete mixer, electric concrete mixer, compulsory concrete mixer, concrete mixer truck and other concrete mixers.

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