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Comparison of JZC and JZM series concrete mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,09/19/2012

JZC series is gear type concrete mixer and JZM series automatic friction type concrete mixer, both are our popular products.
Similarity: both JZC series and JZM series concrete mixers are equipped with reversing drum, which positive turn for mixing and reverse turn for discharging automatically. They can mix plasticity and damp half-dry concrete.
Difference: they are differs in the principe of the motive power. The drum of JZC series concrete mixer is driven by gear rim whereas the principle of motive power of JZM series concrete mixer is by the friction of rubber roller.
Advantage: they are easy to operate with sturdy structure and ensure high quality of concrete. The double-conic reversing drum makes a laborious work if mixing by hand possible to reduce the strain. Thanks to the design of the wheel, it is conveniently to move.
Application: they are widely used in ordinary construction sites, roads, bridges projects and concrete prefabricated parts factories.

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