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Method for protecting roller of drum concrete mixer in winte

Submitted by Eliza,01/12/2016
Drum concrete mixers mix concrete in their drums, so the roller of drum concrete mixer is very important, and it is indispensable to protect it well.
The winter has arrived this year, the weather in the north has been colder and colder, but drum concrete mixer has to work in winter, so how to protect the roller in this winter? Let's tell you some simple ways.
First the weather is cold in winter, water is easy to freeze, the ice will be attached to the wall of drum concrete mixer, which destroyed the cylinder wall in a certain extent, so in winter we should ensure that there is no water in the drum of drum concrete mixer. Not only the water is easy to freeze, concrete is also easy to be solidified, the concretionary concrete on the wall of roller is not only very difficult to clean up, and if it is much accumulated, it will cause the impact on the concrete mixer, so after the working of the drum concrete mixer, we should be sure to clean up the concrete left in the drum of concrete mixer with water, and promptly clean up. In general there will be snow in winter, if the drum concrete mixer is not placed in the interior, and we can cover the mixer when it is snow, and we should promptly clean up the snow when the weather is fine.
It is sample to protect the roller of the drum concrete mixer, in order to use the concrete mixer for a longer time, protect your concrete mixer now!

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