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Reason of high temperature when concrete mixer is running

Submitted by Eliza,03/10/2016
Because the concrete mixer needs to be opened many times in the using process, so there inevitably will be some problem, such as the high temperate. From the production practice, if you find that the current meter on the operating table intermittently increased, the common reason: When the equipment is running normally, it is necessary to check the head of the mud ladle, the head of the mud ladle is likely to become loose, the loose head of the mud ladle is the main reason to cause that the current intermittently increased. Of course, it should check if there is something at the bottom of the mud ladle to prevent the rotation of the mud ladle.

The maintenance of concrete mixer is very important, the majority of users must maintain their own equipment according to their own needs, excellence is our constant pursuit to product quality, reasonable prices, quality service is the premise to sincerely cooperation with you. If the current continues to rise and does not return to the rated current, it may be caused by the high load or low voltage, if it is because of the high feeding amount, we should adjust the feeding amount, if it is because of the mechanical problems to cause the load is too large, we should stop the concrete mixer to deal with it. But if it is caused by the low voltage, it purely belongs to the  external power supply reasons, the active way is to observe the change of the current.

If this phenomenon occurs suddenly, it is often due to the increased grain size. The mixing process will cause the corresponding changes.

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