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Similarities and differences between JDC series and JS serie

Submitted by Eliza,11/28/2015
First speaking of the name, JDC is the abbreviation of single horizontal shaft forced type concrete mixer, and JS is the abbreviation of double horizontal shafts forced type concrete mixer. Second speaking of the model, JDC only has 350 and 500 two models, and the JS series is a little more, there are 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 500 and so on, the selection range is more extensive than JDC.
Speaking of the production efficiency, the production efficiency of JS series is high, the mimimum model of JS series concrete mixers is the JS500 concrete mixer, its production efficiency can reach 25 cubic meters per hour, while the maximum model of JDC series concrete mixers is JDC500 concrete mixer, its production efficiency is 20-30 cubic meters per hour.
From the point of view of production efficiency, single horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer is more practical in various construction sites and small pre component factory, and twin shaft concrete mixer can not only be used in this site, but also can be useful in a variety of large-scale construction sites, it can be used as the stirring main machine in various large concrete mixing plants.
The common characteristic of two series of concrete mixer is the high degree of automation, it is very convenient to use, and the energy consumption is low, the noise is small, the discharge rate is fast, the lining board and the blade is long, and the maintenance is very convenient. And the two series of concrete mixers are capable of mixing different kinds of concrete.
The following is the picture of JS500 concrete mixer. 

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