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The applicability of the cement concrete mixer

Submitted by Anne,03/11/2015
The function of cement concrete mixer is to mechanically mix cement concrete, it has many varieties, the classification methods and characteristics are as follows:
(1)There are two types of cyclic operation and continuous operation according to the operation methods.
The feeding, mixing, and discharging of cyclic operation are carried out according to a certain period. That is to say, the mixing is according to the shares.
Because various materials to be mixed all have accurate weighing, the mixing quality is good. At present, the method is widely used.
The above three processes of continuous operation type are carried out in a longer cylinder. Although the production rate is higher than the cyclic operation type, because of the mix proportion and mixing time of all materials are difficult to control, so the mixing quality is poor. At present, this type is less used.
(2)There are two types of self loading mixing and forced mixing according to the mixing methods.  
The self loading mixer is that putting the mixtures into a rotating mixing drum, following the rotation of mixing drum, blades in the drum making the mixtures to lift the certain height, and then free falling rely on the self weight. So move in circles, it stops until the mixtures are mixed well. This mixer is widely used for mixing plastic and semi plastic concrete.
Forced mixer is that the mixing drum does not move, and the blades in the rotating shaft equipped in the drum are forced to mix. This mixing quality of this type mixer is very good, production efficiency is high; but the power consumption is large, and the abrasion of blade is faster. Generally, it is widely used to mix dry concrete.
(3)There are two types of and mobile mixer according to the equipment methods.
The stationary mixer is installed on the basis of pre prepared, the whole machine can't move. It has large volume, and high production efficiency. It is widely used for mixing plant or mixing floor.
Mobile mixer has its own road wheels, and it has the advantages of small size, and light weight, so the maneuvering performance is good. And it is used in small and medium-sized temporary works.
(4) The discharging methods have tilting type and non tilting type.
The tilting discharging of tilting type is based on the mixing drum, and the rotary discharging of non tilting type is based on the drum.


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