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The common conditions and treatment methods of forced concre

Submitted by Eliza,03/31/2016
In the use of engineering of forced concrete mixer, users will encounter some cases, based on years of experience, we summarized some common conditions and treatment methods of forced concrete mixer in the following.

Common condition:

Due to dust, vibration, partial or full, forced concrete mixer will cause the aggregate in the hopper spilt, cement, sand filling brake clearance, brake slipping, brake disc early damaged. When the sand dust is excessive, the brake gap will disappear, in semi braking, the motor is running, running resistance is increased to make the motor overload, the concrete is accumulated in the mixing drum of concrete mixer.

Treatment methods:

After the mixer is shut down, putting the water and gravel into the mixing drum for 10~15 minutes to clean it, and then clear the water and gravel out. Note: if the operator is required to clean in a mixing drum. In addition to cut off the power supply and remove the fuse, we must lock the switch box. Checking the mechanical components of the forced concrete mixer, if there is abnormal phenomenon, it should be repaired or replaced immediately. Forced concrete mixer should be maintained according to the maintenance procedures, such as cleaning, lubrication, refueling, etc., what’s more, before starting the concrete mixer, checking the controller to see whether it is good.

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