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The common faults of JS series of concrete mixer

Submitted by Anne,09/04/2014
JS series of concrete mixer adopts the double horizontal shaft forced type. The machine can stir dry, plasticity, liquidity and lightweight aggregate concrete and all kinds of grout and mortar, it is a kind of high efficiency models, commonly used in a variety of big, middle and small prefabricated components factory and road bridge, water conservancy and wharf and civil engineering. The flowing is the common faults and solving methods.
1, The stirring shaft stops working
Stop working or slow rotation of the stirring shaft. The reason is that:
(1) The serious overload
(2) Having large foreign object between the mixing blades or side of the blade and the inner wall of the tank
(3) The motor belt is too loose
2, Abnormal sound in mixing cylinder
The mixing cylinder produces the shrill abnormal sound, usually caused that the  foreign objects between the mixing blades or side of the blade and the inner wall of the tank have friction with the inner wall of the tank. The existence of the foreign objects will increase the stirring friction. This will make the stirring shaft to go into the sluggish operation. At this time, you need to stop working to remove the foreign objects, and then adjust the interval between the blade or the scraper blade and the inner wall of the tank according to the requirements of regulation,
3, Reducer with high temperature
Reducer with high temperature is usually due to the bearing load increases, the violent friction and a great quantity of heat. The main reason is that the oil viscosity is too high or too low.
4, The high temperature in the two shafts ends of the mixing tank
The high temperature in the two shafts ends of the mixing tank is generally caused by the friction of the shaft end. High temperature in the shaft end is caused by the bearing damage or fuel supply shortage.
5, The leakage in shaft end
The fundamental reason for the leakage in shaft end is the damaged floating seal. Therefore, the parts in the shaft end need to have the timely protection and maintenance, and timely replace the seal components. If the shaft end has a leakage, the new floating seal should be timely replaced.
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