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The development process of the concrete mixer

Submitted by Anne,04/22/2015
The concrete mixer has existed in the world for many years, and the first concrete mixer appeared in the early twentieth Century. At that time, the operation and production of concrete mixer is droved by steam. After 1950, all kinds of concrete mixers have been developed, the reverse rotation and non horizontal mixer and other types have become the representative product of this times. From then on, concrete mixers are divided into self loading concrete mixer and forced concrete mixer.
The mixing power of self loading concrete mixer is from the blades, which are placed in the inner wall of the cylinder. In the process of production, the horizontal axis is used as the benchmark of the drum for directional rotation, in the rotation process, workers slowly added the mixture to the drum, the mixture is carried into air by blade and then left, and repeat the operation. After the movement is repeated for many times, the mixture can be mixed well-distributed together. The designed purpose of the self loading concrete mixer is to make the plastic concrete fusion better, so that the quality of construction projects can be improved.
The forced concrete mixer is a product of independent research and development since 1950, which is later than the self loading concrete mixer, but the development is faster than the self loading concrete mixer. And the earliest forced concrete mixer is known as the type of vertical axis round bottom. Since1870s, along with the popularization and application of thin sand and other materials in the construction industry, in order to meet the need of production, the circular groove horizontal shaft type forced mixer, and this machine have a single axis and multi axis, the single axis can replace the self loading mixer, multi axis can replace the forced mixer, and this machine satisfied the condition that the self loading type and forced type can't appear at the same time. The blades' movement speed of this machine is slower, but much stabler, the service life is longer, and it also saves electricity, this machine also has a very good application in the present construction industry.
The development of concrete mixer is rapider and rapider, which adapts to the requirements of thousands and thousands of construction industry. On this one hand, development of all kinds of enterprises is also paralleled with the times, and they have successively developed a variety of concrete mixers. The enterprises not only get development, but also brought new impetus and technical support for other industries.

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