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The factory quality assurance of Pioneer mixer

Submitted by Anne,01/30/2015
The factory inspection of concrete mixer means that all products shall have the factory inspection. According to the factory inspection requirements of the project, if the contents of factory inspection are all qualified, the products can be judged qualified, otherwise, it shall be judged unqualified.
If the products have one of the following cases, the type test shall be performed:
1. The type approval trial production of new products;
2. The structure or material of products has a significant change, which may affect the performance;
3. When the state quality and technical supervision mechanism has requirements for type test.
Type test content of concrete mixer includes all the technical requirements prescriptive by this standard. The prototype for performance test or reliability test, which should have a random sampling of products produced within nearly a year, the sample has one set. And make a record and storage.
Pioneer Machinery has been committed to the quality of products, each machine produced by the factory has certificate, and the quality of concrete mixer has always been in the lead in mechanical industry.

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