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The historical development enlightenment of concrete mixer

Submitted by Anne,09/15/2014
After centuries of development, the concrete mixer tells us that technology is the first productivity. With the development of concrete material and construction technology, many new structure types of concrete mixer has appeared , such as the steam heating mixer, the supercritical speed mixer, sound wave mixer, swing disc mixer without  mixing blade and the secondary mixing concrete mixer and so on. In early twentieth Century, drum concrete mixers driven by steam engines have begun to appear. After 1850s, double cone mixer of reversing the material type and the tilting material type, split barrel type mixer and so on have come out in succession and got the development. There are the mixing blades arranged on the inner wall of the mixing cylinder of the gravity type concrete mixer. When  it works, the mixing cylinder around its horizontal axis will swing,  the  materials joint  the mixing tube are lifted to a certain height by the leafs, it will drop under the  self weight, such cycling movement can  achieve the uniform mixing effect. The structure of the self falling type concrete mixer is simple. In general, it's mainly based on stirring the plastic concrete.
After 1870s, with the application of lightweight aggregate materials, the circular groove horizontal shaft type forced mixer has appeared, it is also divided into two types of a single horizontal shaft concrete  mixer and twin horizontal shaft concrete  mixer, it has two kinds of mixing characteristics of self down and forced. The linear velocity of the mixing blade is small, and it has many advantages, such as good wear resistance, low energy consumption and fast development. The mixing blades are installed on the rotary arm frame in the stirring cylinder of the concrete mixer, the materials joint the mixer drum will form a cross logistics under the strong agitation of the mixing blades. The effect of this stirring mode is stronger than the self dropping mixing mode. It is mainly suit for the mixing of dry and hard concrete.
Continuous concrete mixer is installed a helical mixing blades, according to the mixing ratio, all kinds of materials can be respectively carried into the mixer by the continuous weighing. The stir well concrete will continuously discharge outward from the discharge end. The mixing time of this type of mixer is short, and its productivity is high. So its development is striking.

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