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The important role of concrete mixer in urban construction

Submitted by Eliza,10/23/2015
The engineering construction enters the full recovery period, as one of the necessary mechanical equipment in the development of the city, the production industry of concrete mixer is also developing.
In urban construction, concrete mixer is one of the most basic and the most widely used machinery. Concrete demand has also increased year by year with the development of the construction of urban construction projects, so concrete mixer market will also usher the prosperity, which indirectly provides a golden opportunity of development for concrete equipment enterprise.
The concrete production equipment in the urban construction mainly includes concrete mixer, feed auxiliary system, air compressor system, cement tank, pump truck, cement tanker, forklifts and so on.
As a leading brand in the concrete mixer industry, Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery professionally product concrete mixer and concrete mixing plant. We have the complete production equipment model, and the quality of the products passed the international certification. We produce concrete machinery and equipment with various productivities for customers in a professional manner. We have wide range of visibility and absolute authority in the industry.

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