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The influence factors of small concrete mixer power

Submitted by Anne,01/19/2015
Concrete mixer power is divided  into operation power and starting power, and the operating power refers to the power consumed by the blade overcoming the liquid  friction resistance when the machine is running; The starting power refers to the power consumed by the blade overcome the liquid static inertia when the machine is starting. The inclined blade is helpful in the aspects of improving structure and reducing the operation power.
The researchers get a conclusion after scientific calculations. That is to say, you should first consider increasing the blade number, not increase the length blade, when mixed lots of liquid. The actual operation power is more than the theory power, this is because there is still other resistance, we should appropriately increase the blade on the basis of computational power. The inner wall of the container is rough, the actual operation power should be increased 10-30%  than the calculation power; If the container is provided with a heating coil, should increase by 2 times. If the container is provided with a baffle, should increase 2-3 times.
Now, Pioneer Machinery will introduce the influence factors of small concrete mixer power to you:
1. The geometric parameters and operating parameters of concrete mixer.
2. The geometric parameters of concrete mixer
3. The physical parameters of mixing medium
The above is a simple description of effecting factors on small concrete mixer power.  We believe that will be helpful in buying and understanding of concrete mixer. Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery is the leading manufacturers of concrete mixing plant in Zhengzhou, and we professionally produce the high-quality concrete mixing plant.

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