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The introduction of diesel concrete mixer

Submitted by Eliza,12/25/2015
Diesel concrete mixer is an advanced model with dual function, both power and diesel can be used to work. This characteristic of the diesel concrete mixer makes it become the best mixer for a variety of construction sites with inconvenient traction power lines and the areas without power supply. The production of the diesel roller concrete mixer is to solve the difficult problem of the use of the concrete mixer in the area or country which is not convenient for the electricity. At present, the concrete mixer with this form only has JZC350 diesel cylinder concrete mixer, this machine is a small model concrete mixer, the production efficiency can meet the requirements of small and medium sized projects.
JZC350 diesel cylinder concrete mixer can produce 10-14 cubic concrete per hour, the power of diesel engine is 15, the mixing speed is 14 revolutions per minute, the mixing drum is driven by the gear ring, which can mix the plastic and semi dry hard concrete, and the shape is beautiful.
Before using the JZC350 diesel drum type concrete mixer, we should note that after the motor is normal operation, push the total clutch, first  operate for 2-3 minutes to observe the mixing drum of concrete mixer to see whether there is unstable, beating, deviation and abnormal phenomenon, after the hopper and discharging door are flexible, turn to work. 

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