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The introduction of small type concrete mixer

Submitted by Eliza,02/19/2016
We will introduce the smallest models of different series of concrete mixers. What are the difference of small type concrete mixers? We will introduce to you in the following.

First the minimal model of forced type concrete mixer is JS500, the discharging capacity of JS500 concrete mixer is 500 liters, the feeding capacity of JS500 is 800 liters, it can produce 25 cubic meters of concrete per hour, and it discharges the material every 72 seconds, it has high degree of automation, good mixing performance, high efficiency, and can also be matched with the batching machine to form a simple mixing plant.

The minimum model of the climbing drum type concrete mixer is JZC300. The feeding capacity of JZC300 ladder type concrete mixer is 450 liters, the discharging capacity of JZC300 ladder type concrete mixer is 300 liters, it can produce 9-12 cubic meters of concrete per hour, it also has a ladder which can be lifted. So it can transport the material to a higher position and mix with plastic and semi dry hard concrete.

The minimum model of JZM series concrete mixers is JZM350. The discharging capacity of JZM350 is 350 liters, the feeding capacity of JZM350 is 500 liters, it can produce 13 cubic meters of concrete per hour. It has good mixing quality, simple structure, high degree of automation, convenient operation and so on.

The above is the minimum model of each series of concrete mixer, hope that can help you choose the right machine!

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