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The lining plate used inside the concrete mixer

Submitted by Anne,08/28/2014
Pioneer machinery editorial department said due to the demand of cement concrete in transportation, water conservancy, construction and other industries is greatly, therefore, various types of concrete mixers, especially large automation and continuous mixing equipment are widely used. Mixing blade and the mixer lining board is the easy wear parts of the mixing equipment , Improving their wear resist property and extending the replacement cycle, which can improve the mixing efficiency. And the economic benefit will be obvious improved. Cement concrete is mixed of cement, water, sand, stone and admixtures etc.. The impact force of the mixer blade and lining board is much smaller than the ball mill lining plate, but the lining wall is more thin (about10mm).
In order to ensure the process of transportation and installation will not break,so it requires enough toughness. The damage form is the wet abrasion. Wear-resist material l5Cr series of high chromium cast iron material is widely used. In tissue, there is a big difference between the wear-resist framework phase M7c3 type carbides and matrix potential. Under the wet wear condition, the lining board matrix structure will be corroded by the electricity and chemistry. Due to the surrounding corroded matrix can not well support and protect the carbides, carbides are broken or peeled by shear force acting on the worn. And it will not to show the excellent property of wear resistance.
Once the trial of the 28CrMo2C lining plate got a very great effect. However, its application is limited due to molybdenum is very expensive metal. In contrast, Chinese manganese resources are very rich, the price of the manganese- iron is very low. Some writer said that the success using experience of the manganese substituting molybdenum in 15Cr high chromium cast iron. The paper attempts to select a kind of mixer lining plate with an economical and excellent corrosion and wear resistance through the 28Cr cast iron with manganese substituting molybdenum tests, and comparing with the corrosion resistance, wear resistance of several other common wear-resist materials. So the quality of mixer lining plate can ensure the longer life of concrete mixer.

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