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The maintenance of the concrete mixer’s mixing blades

Submitted by Eliza,08/27/2015
Before we maintain the concrete mixer’s mixing blades, first we should analyze the damage reason of the mixing blades so as to maintain them better and faster.
1. The wear and tear of blades
At that moment, it needs cutting torch to cut the worn-out ledge of the blade regularly and then it also needs the steel plate that is same with the blade’s thickness to cut into the scale we needed to weld to the blade.
2. The bending or breaking of petiole
The reasons that caused the above two situation:
(1) The strength of the petiole is not enough, at this point, we need to increase the petiole’s diameter with round steel.

(2) The material of the petiole is brittle, then it can be changed to ordinary steel.

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