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The management measures of concrete mixer with low power

Submitted by Anne,10/16/2014
We often regard the concrete mixer buyers as the center,and try our best to meet customers' need.  As the saying goes, the most specialized machinery also can't guarantee that it doesn't have any problems. However, how to deal with these problems? Today pioneer machinery will give you a satisfactory answer.
1. Remove adhered method: If there are sticky materials on the parts of drum or roller, and then the diameter will increase, this will result in the tape tension increased, and the deviation will appear. At this time, the adhesion material s should be cleaned timely.
2. The working performance and efficiency of concrete mixer is not a small restricted factor of project progress. Therefore, in order to ensure that the project is efficient and orderly, we must ensure the concrete mixer can work normally. In this case, we have to do the maintenance work of concrete mixer very well.
3. Check whether the connecting bolts of the concrete mixer blade and the connecting bolts of the supporting arm are loose. If so, we should adjust it timely. In addition, the maximum gap between the blade and the cylinder wall is 5mm, and then we should make the necessary tightening.
4. When the high-rise building has been put into construction in winter, we should do the weatherization work of workers according to the provisions or set the wind cold or temporary heating measures according to the engineering conditions. When the construction is put into effect in summer, the cooling and heatstroke prevention measures should be taken.
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