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The operation notice of drum type concrete mixer

Submitted by Eliza,03/03/2016
Drum type concrete mixer also can be called civil concrete mixer, which is a mixer we often see, and is relatively simple to operate, but if you want to play efficiency to the drum concrete mixer, it is necessary to pay attention to the daily operation, the standardized operation can prolong the service life of concrete mixer and save cost.

We must pay attention to the norms of operation in daily operation, when use the drum type concrete mixer, we should keep the distance between leaves and the pot wall be in 3mm±2mm, if it is not in the range, we can regulate the position of blades.
Safety is also important to concrete mixer, the electric appliance part should avoid severe vibration, be away from the water and heat, and pay attention to dust. Pull down the gates and lock gates box before leaving the scene.

Finally, it is the maintenance of drum type concrete mixer. After using the concrete mixer, the stirring blades and pan should be promptly cleaned up to avoid the residual concrete in mixing barrel,  regularly check the wear of parts, replace the old parts, add the butter, and so on.

Drum type concrete mixer is a commonly-used mixer, in order to make the concrete mixer bring the greatest benefits for us, we must pay attention to the operation notice and standardized operation to drum type concrete mixer.

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