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The principle and structure of concrete mixer

Submitted by Anne,11/18/2014
The self loading concrete mixer is suitable for mixing the plastic concrete. The mixing function of forced mixer is stronger than self loading type mixer, and it is suitable for stirring the dry concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete. Concrete mixer is kind of concrete machinery which can make sand, stone, cement and water and other materials with a certain ratio stirred into uniform concrete that meets the quality requirements. Concrete mixer can be divided into self loading type concrete mixer and forced concrete mixer according to different mixing principle.
(1) Self loading type concrete mixer
The inner wall of the mixing drum of the self loading type concrete mixer is welded with a curved blade. When the mixing drum rotates around a horizontal axis, the blade will continue to put the material lift to a certain height, and then free fall and blend mutually.
(2) Forced concrete mixer
Forced concrete mixer mainly mixed the mixture according to the shear mechanism. There are blades rotating with the mixer shaft.
(3)The selection and use of concrete mixer
1) Type selection
The correct choice of concrete mixer should be according to the specific engineering conditions (such as project size, time) and the requirements of concrete performance.
2) The calculation of  the  concrete mixer production capacity:
     Q = 3.6VKt1t2t3 (m3h)
T3 T1, T2 respectively stands for loading, mixing and discharge time (S);
V stands for the discharging capacity of concrete mixer;
K stands for the utilization coefficient of each cycle working time.

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