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The story of JZC series concrete mixer

Submitted by Eliza,01/04/2016
About JZC series concrete mixer, first what we want to say is the model, at present, JZC series concrete mixer is the most diversiform and widely used concrete mixer. The main models of JZC series concrete mixers are JZC250/350A/500 climbing bucket drum concrete mixer, JZC350B enhancing drum type concrete mixer; JZC300 climbing ladder type drum concrete mixer, JZC350 diesel engine cylinder type concrete mixer.
The common features of the JZC series concrete mixer: they belong to self falling type double tapered mixers, mixing drum is driven by the gear ring, they can mix plastic and semi stem rigid concrete, and they are handsome in appearance, besides, they are easy to move with light weight, which is a kind of advanced model. They are generally used in construction sites, roads, bridges, water and electricity and other projects and small and medium sized concrete construction plant.
The difference of JZC series concrete mixer: JZC350B lifting drum type concrete mixer is a kind of mixer which fulls up material, JZC300 climbing ladder type drum concrete mixer has a ladder which is up to 17-25m, the material can be conveyed to a certain height of the mixer, JZC350 diesel engine cylinder type concrete mixer is the most special concrete mixer, it not only can be used with electricity, but also can be used with diesel, which is widely used in the export.

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