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Using points arrangement of concrete mixer

Submitted by Anne,04/01/2015
The concrete mixer is mainly composed of a mixing drum, charging and discharging mechanism, water supply system, the original motivation, drive mechanism, a frame and a supporting device, and it is a kind of machine which makes the cement, aggregate and water to mix into a concrete mixture. How shall we rationally use such a machine? Now I arrange 7 points for your reference.
1. The rotation direction of the mixing drum should be consistent with the direction of the arrow, if false, should correct the electrical wiring.
2. The concrete mixer should be set in the flat position, use the square timber to pad up front and rear axles, making the tires overhead, so as to avoid loosing when it starts.
3. Concrete mixer should implement two leakage protections, before working, after the power supply is switched on, you must be carefully examined, after the empty test switch qualified, it can be used. Commissioning should test whether the mixing cylinder speed is appropriate. Normally, the speed of empty vehicle is faster 2~3 transfer than the heavy vehicle (after loading), if the difference is large, you should adjust the ratio of driving wheel and the drive wheel.
4. Check whether the drive clutch and brake is flexible and reliable, the steel wire rope is damaged, the track pulley is good, and there is the barrier around and the lubrication condition of all parts.
5. After starting up, you should always pay attention to whether all parts of the concrete mixer are functioning properly. When stopping, you should often check whether the concrete mixer blade is bent, and whether screws are fetched down or loose.
6. When the concrete mixing is completed or is expected to rest over 1h. Besides cleaning the oddments, you should also pour gravel and water into the cylinder and then rotation shaking until the mortar in the cartridge rinse all the unloading. Water mustn't be in the barrel, so as to avoid the rust of barrel and blade. At the same time, you should also clean up fouling outside the mixing tube, making the machine keep clean and in good condition.
7. After go off work or stop machine, you should switch off, and lock the switch box, to ensure safety.
Remember the above points can help you control the concrete mixer and increase the service life. What's more, it can also make you work more smoothly. More knowledge, please pay attention:

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