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What are the advantages of double horizontal shafts concrete

Submitted by Eliza,02/05/2016
Double horizontal shafts forced concrete mixer is mainly used for mixing all kinds of powder materials, namely it can produce all kinds of powder mixing material. The aggregate can be wet fly ash, calcium carbide sludge, phosphorus gypsum, sand and gravel, slag and so on.

Double horizontal shafts forced concrete mixer has strong mixing capable, uniform stirring quality and high productivity, the mixing effect is good for dry, rigid, semi dry, rigid, plastic and various ratio of concrete. The lubricating system and the main shaft transmission system are all imported, and the hydraulic door opening mechanism can adjust the opening of the unloading door according to the need. The mixing shaft of stirring host adopts anti adhesion technology, which effectively prevents the caking of cement on the shaft, shaft seal uses unique multi sealed structure, which effectively prevents the mortar from leaking and ensures the mixing system continued to run for a long time. Cleaning system adopts high pressure water pump to automatically control and manually control, each water outlet is positioned above the mixing shaft, which can improve the efficiency of stirring, increase the water fog, reduce dust pollution, and effectively remove the cement clinker.

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