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What do you need to do before using the concrete mixer

Submitted by Eliza,11/18/2015
A lot of users directly use concrete mixer, not to check, they considered that there was no problem when used last time, so this time, it also will be good and it is troublesome to examine. This idea is wrong, because we can not guarantee that last time when used the concrete mixer, it couldn’t damage any object, and the examination is not troublesome, it is necessary to check it to reduce more trouble.
What do we need to do before we use it? First check the concrete mixer's fuselage to see whether it is stable. If it is not stable, please move it. Then check the lubricating oil of all parts to see whether you need to replace or add the oil. And check the power to see whether it is safe, if there is a security risk, please promptly deal with it. For example, whether the connection parts of the electric motor and electrical components are strong and the grounding resistance is in line with the provisions. After simply cleaning up the machine appearance, we can check the hopper and improve the hopper, check whether clutch and brake are flexible and reliable, if they are not flexible, we should deal with it in time. Next check the mixing blade and mixing shaft and the parts that are prone to failure to see if there is a failure, if there is a failure, please immediately resolve, after checking the failure, clean up the mixing cylinder, and then try to run, after trying to run normally, you can use it.
In fact, we need to do a few steps before using concrete mixer, so it is not troublesome. These steps can not only solve a lot of trouble for the users, but also can allow your concrete mixer to service for you for a long time. 

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