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Advantages of JS 2000 Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,12/27/2012

It is common that there are various concrete mixers that make your eyes dizzy. If there an engineer that can help to analyze the advantages of one type of the concrete mixer. The writer would like do this favor to you. An engineer from PIONEER MACHINERY CO.,LTD tells the features of JS 2000 concrete mixer.

This type of machine equipes with multiple shaft end sealing protection device and wind pressure sealing protection device and effectively. JS concrete mixer has unique monitoring system of mixer can monitor the working condition of reduction box, discharge pump and electrical lubricating pump. With special-purpose motor lubricating oil pump and four separate pump core respectively feeding oil to four axial heads directly, the by-pass valve is not necessary. Moreover, the weighing protection system and microwave moisture measurement system are alternative. It has 1.5m3, 2.0m3, 3.0m3, 4.0m3, 4.5 m3 volumes, the exact specification is depend on to you. With heavy design, JS 2000 concrete mixer can be running stably.

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