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Analysis of Domestic Concrete Mixer Machine Market

Submitted by Cynthia,05/27/2013

Take a brief analysis of domestic concrete mixer machine market.

Concrete mixer is one derived machinery and equipment product with the development of society. The traditional building materials have been unable to meet the demands of fast development. The arrival of concrete mixer is an inevitable trend, while the other secondary industries, such as commercial concrete and other industries gradually developed into independent industries.

There has been more than 100 years of history apart from the manufacturing and production of the first concrete mixer. After years of development, concrete mixer technology is greatly improved. Especially  in the last century, after two world wars, so many countries around the world carried out reconstruction, which indirectly impelled the rapid development of a series of concrete machinery and equipment, including concrete mixer. This period can be called the golden period of concrete mixer. During this period, concrete machinery and equipment made a great contribution to the reconstruction of the society.
Due to domestic economic construction of the last century, development and process of China’s machinery and equipment is later than that of foreign machinery and equipment. China researched and produced concrete mixer relying on imports of foreign equipment and technology. With the recent years of unremitting efforts, China has the ability to create concrete mixer and other concrete machineries by itself. The status of domestic machinery and equipment in the international market has changed.

With the change of national policy, the classification and the quality of domestic concrete mixer machine also received rapid development. Domestic concrete mixer machine and import mixer equipment go into white-hot competition. Domestic concrete mixer machine tries its best to take domestic equipment market share. Production and manufacturing situation of domestic concrete mixer machine are quickly changed.

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