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The Application of Cylinder in Simple Cement Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,09/24/2013
Here are some knowledge about the application of cylinder in simple cement mixer and the maintenance of cylinder.

The cylinder is an important part for some equipments of concrete mixer, such as: cylinder type concrete batching machine, concrete mixer in concrete batching plant. It is necessary prerequisite to safely and normally use the cylinder to ensure the normal application of concrete batching plant. So what knowledge should users know about for the application and maintenance of cylinder in concrete batching plant?

The function of cylinder is to change the pressure energy of compressed air into mechanical energy. Under normal circumstances, the cylinder is able to be quickly put in place with the on-off switch of the power of the electromagnetic valve; due to the repeated motion of a cylinder piston, so it is very important to lubricate the cylinder wall and piston.

Usually, after being atomized through oil sprayer, the lubricating oil is poured into air flow and entered lubricant housings with air to achieve lubrication purpose. In the work process of concrete mixer, it will appear this situation: the lubricating effect of cylinder closing to the oil sprayer is good and the lubricating effect of cylinder far away from the oil sprayer is bad. The solution to this situation is to add another one oil sprayer in the middle of the aggregate bin gas path. The cylinder will easily happen leakage phenomenon. So concrete batching plant users should pay attention the problem.

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