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Basic Information of Concrete Drum Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,08/27/2013
For the basic information of concrete drum mixer, many users may not well know about it, let alone the correct application method of concrete drum mixer.

Concrete drum mixer manufacturer-Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd provides some basic information of concrete drum mixer:

(1) Fixed concrete drum mixer should be installed on the fixed pedestal. For long term using, concrete mixer users need embed foundation bolts under the ground. For short term using, concrete mixer users shall lay wooden sleeper and keep it stable. The control board of concrete mixer should enable operators to see the working situation of each part. For electric concrete drum mixer, the control board should be padded with rubber plate or dry wood.

(2) Mobile concrete drum mixer should be laid at flat solid ground. There should have good drainage ditch around the mobile concrete mixer. Put down the legs of concrete drum mixer to fix concrete mixer. When using concrete drum mixer for a long time, tyres must be removed for safekeeping. The wheel shaft should be wrapped with oilcloth. Put up the concrete drum mixer with wooden sleeper.

(3) For concrete drum mixer which needs set up feeding pit, the surroundings of pit should be blocked up and tamped to avoid the water flowing into the pit.

(4) When put the hopper to the lowest position, a layer of cushion wood  should be added between the hopper and the ground.

(5) Users need check whether the specifications of aggregates correspond with the property of concrete drum mixer. If not, then do not use the aggregate.

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concrete drum mixer

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