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Batching Machine Importance to Electric Portable Concrete Mi

Submitted by Cynthia,06/25/2013
Batching plant affects the concrete producing quality, which is the batching machine importance to electric portable concrete mixer.

The quality of the concrete is partly affected by the mixing process of electric portable concrete mixer. The other factor that influences the quality of concrete is the ratio of raw materials on the batching machine. And raw materials play a very important role for the quality of concrete. Concrete mixer users can better assist concrete mixer with concrete production and guarantee the quality of concrete only by understanding the composition principle of the batching machine.

Batching machine is mainly composed of three parts and they are respectively feeding system, weighing system and electrical control system, which assists the concrete mixer operation.
1, The feeding system: the feeding system conveys raw materials to the weigh bucket through the belt conveyor. The feeding system is mainly composed of a storage hopper and a feeding device. The storage hopper and feeding device work together and they are controlled by the control system.

2, The weighing system: the weighing system is mainly made up four parts, they are the weigh bucket, hanging device, sensor and controller. The weighing system completes the weighing process of concrete batching.

3, The electrical control system: the electrical control system is composed of a control instrument and the electrical circuit. The electrical control system is the most important part of the batching machine. All the work of concrete batching machine should pass through the electrical control system and complete each part of the work.

Concrete batching machine is mainly used to combine with concrete mixer for concrete production and provide ingredients for concrete mixer. After setting up the batching machine, concrete batching machine can automatically finish batching and feeding process, which will significantly improve the operation efficiency of concrete mixer.

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