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Best seller concrete mixer for house building

Submitted by Cynthia,01/15/2013

Today, we will recommend you a type of concrete mixer that has a ladder of 18 meters well suited for homeowner.

JZD-300T/350T concrete mixer is suitable for the following condition: The place is lack of electricity, and the construction scale is not large, for the houses about six floors or the villa under 18 meters. And it needs time-effective.

Let’s discuss the advantages of JZD-300T/350T concrete mixer. It is characterized by a automatic lifting ladder of 18 meters, so the concrete can be lifted to the place automatically and the height shall be set as you need. 18 meters within 7 seconds. And there is a water pump, it can avoid adding water artificially. It not only benefits labors but also improved efficiency and saved time. Moreover, It can be used in the place without electricity, for it consumes diesel. Additionally,it is durable for the thickness of drum is 6-8mm and the productivity is 20 to 30 m3 per hour, which can well meet the needs of house building or villa construction.

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