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Breaking-in Period of Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,05/17/2013
Concrete mixer is familiar to people. Concrete mixer can be seen on construction engineering sites. For clients who have purchased concrete mixer or is going to buy concrete mixer, there is breaking-in period of concrete mixer before using concrete mixer.

The breaking-in period is very important for concrete mixer production. Although the temporary effect is not too obvious, if the customers directly use concrete mixer for production neglecting some problems, this will have a very serious impact on the concrete mixer and resulting in serious losses. So Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd advise you not use concrete mixer for concrete production regardless of consequences because of production schedule or profit. In order to have normal production, top concrete mixer manufacturer in China-Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd suggests that clients need to listen to the guidance of installation personnel.

Here are two accidents will happen during the breaking-in period:

(1) Loss and looseness of components
For the new concrete mixer, there will be some frictions between components during breaking-in period, which is very necessary for concrete mixer. While the equipment loss is too large. Users need pay attention to not carry on excessive production and overload concrete mixer in this period.

(2) Leakage phenomenon and nonuniform lubrication
We know that parts of concrete mixer are not very good to come together and there will be vibration in the concrete mixer operation. So it is normal to occasionally occur some leakage phenomenon. Users need solve problems in time. If users overload new concrete mixer, lubricating oil can not evenly lubricate concrete mixer and there will be nonuniform lubrication.

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