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Brief Introduction of Different Types of Cement Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,11/13/2012
A concrete mixer is a machine runs by a motor that use cement, limestones,water, additive and water as ingredients to produce concrete. For the concrete is low cost and strong, dense properties, it is used in the construction industry. There are a range of mixer types to suit different construction projects. In the following we will discuss some cement mixer types.

Mobile Concrete Mixer
As the name suggests, it is designed to be transported from one location to other easily. This kind of mixer often is used to mix concrete for sidewalks and road structures, where a steady amount of concrete may need to be spread over a large area. There are several types varies in size, mixing grade, and parameter.
Electric Concrete Mixer
From the name, you get to know that it uses electric cables and a power supply, therefore, there is a greater risk of of accidents during working time. It is portable and are not relatively expensive to purchase.
Diesel Mixer
Typically, diesel concrete mixer is a little more expensive than electric ones. For it does not require electrical input when it is at work. In addition, it is relatively easy to maintain and are less noisy than other types of mixers.
Drum Rotating Mixers
This type of cement mixer is employed to create large amounts of concrete. It is characterized by swift production speed. In contrast to other mixer types, it requires relatively little maintenance, as it adopts a fairly uncomplicated mixing mechanism.
Twin-shaft Mixers
This type of mixer is feathers with dual shafts, which make it suited for mixing at high intensities and for producing batches of concrete in shot periods. Usually it is used in the preparation of high-strength concrete used in the construction of large buildings.

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