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Reasons and measures of concrete cellular phenomenon

Submitted by Anne,12/23/2014
The cellular on the concrete surface is a common failing of quality which is easy to appear in the concrete engineering construction, and the main performance is the concrete local crisp, less mortar, gaps in the gravel, and the honeycomb holes will be formed.
Many factors can lead to the cellular phenomenon on the surface of the concrete, and the factors mainly consist of the following reasons.
1. The concrete with irrational ratio, gravel, measurement errors of cement materials or the wrong adding water content results in a small mortar and much rubble.
2. The mixing time of concrete is short, the mixing is no uniform, the workability of concrete is poor and the vibrating is imperfect.
3. The pouring concrete didn't according to the rules, feeding the material is properly, all these make the gravel concentrated so that the concrete is isolated.
4. The concrete was feeded too much for one time, the pouring wasn't segmented and layered, and the vibrating is untrue.
5. The template pore isn't blocked very well or the template stability is insufficient, resulting in serious leakage.
The protective measures are as follows:
1. Strict control of the mixture ratio, often checks the concrete batching, and ensures the measurement of material is accurate.
2. The mixing of concrete is uniform, color is consistent, and the shortest time of stirring should conform to specifications.
3. The free falling height of concrete should not exceed 2m, if more than 2m, you should adopt the barrel, chute and other blanking measures.
4. You should often observe the template when you cast concrete. Once you found the template is moved, you should immediately stop casting, and it should be repaired intactly before the initial set of concrete.
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