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Cement Mortar Mixer Operating Process

Submitted by Cynthia,06/19/2013
Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. So as cement mortar mixer operation and production. Cement mortar mixer operating process is as the followings:

Before the cement mortar mixer production, production personnels must accept professional job training to ensure safety and efficient production.  As one mixer manufacturer specializing in the production of various types of mixer and concrete equipments, Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd has a very professional management concept for the problems in the production process of cement mortar mixer. Here are simple summaries about how to operate cement mortar mixer. If you have more questions or needs, you can call us and we will provide you with detailed answers.

Cement mortar mixer standard operating procedure:

1, Cement mortar mixer and other mixers are not the same. They all need to have adequate water supply, so there are relatively high requirements to the water. While the cement mortar mixer working environment need to be protected. Cement mortar mixer users need to pay attention to protecting cement mortar mixer at high temperature and in cold environment. At high temperature, users should always pay attention to motor problems to prevent overloading operation. In cold environment, users need to take anti-freezing measures so as not to delay the production.

2, After using cement mortar mixer, users should regularly clean the cement mortar mixer so as to prolong the service life of cement mortar mixer.
3, When moving cement mortar mixer, the speed can not be too high to avoid vibration and other problems causing damage to interior of cement mortar mixer. Disassembly tyres and well preserve tyres when not moving cement mixer for a long time.

4, Safe and standard production is crucial. When cement mortar mixer happens accidents and can not produce, timely turn off the power and carry out inspection. Personnel cooperate with each other to prevent accidents.

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