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Cement Rolling Bucket Mixer Application

Submitted by Cynthia,03/19/2014

How many matters need attention are there for cement rolling bucket mixer application?

In engineering construction, concrete mixer plays a very important role. Concrete mixer is widely used in many aspects to carry out constructions.
So concrete mixers need to adapt to a variety of terrain conditions.

Design components of cement mixer according to different requirements, which can make concrete mixer be widely applied. Concrete mixer can also be modified or developed.

The followings are cement rolling bucket mixer applications:

Concrete management and concrete mixer management include cement silo, concrete weighing scale. Weighing scale or radar sensor is used to measure materials in silo. In order to avoid large quantity of dust, concrete mixer truck also must be equipped with air filter and adopts vibration principle to remove the dust.

In addition, the use of sensors can also protect the silo to avoid excessive pressure.

Manage concrete mixer and control system to ensure safe and reliable operation. In addition, measurement equipment in mixing system for measuring humidity is equipped with microwave sensor and temperature sensor.

Sand in silo is measured by radar sensor. If necessary, the humidity of sand can also be measured by radar sensor.

Concrete mixer is extensively applied. By good use-method, concrete mixer can have better room to be used. Of course, it should be prudent to purchase concrete mixer. A good concrete mixer manufacturer can ensure good quality of the concrete mixer.

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