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Cement-Stabilized Soil Application Scope and Requirements

Submitted by Cynthia,10/16/2012
Last time we discussed the provisions in cement-stabilized soil structure construction, today we continue to talk about this topic from the perspective of application scope and requirements of cement stabilized soil.
  Cement-stabilized soil application scope
Cement stabilized soil applies to the base and subbase of road. When using the medium grained soil and coarse grained soil as the base, the dosing of cement is better less than 6%. If necessary, first to confirm the grade of coarse aggregates, and then fixed through cement.

 Requirements on soil to make cement stabilized soil
It requires the soil that is easy to crush, and could meet some certain grade so as to be rolled into shapes. The stabilized soil used in highway can be divided into three types based on the components of soil.
Fine grained soil: the maximum of diameter is less than 9.5mm, the content of particle less than 2.36mm is over 90%.
Medium grained soil: the maximum of the particle diameter is less than 26.5mm, and the content of particle less than 19.0mm is over 90%.
Coarse grained soil: the maximum of the particle diameter is less than 37.5mm, and the content of particle less than 31.5mm is over 90%.

Indeed, cement stabilized soil and concrete mixer are equal important to the road construction.

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